Mission & values

In each client project, Odienz deploys its expertise and positive energy, with commitment and authenticity.

Our Client, our Boss

We want the best for our customers. Whether it is to boost their market or their teams, we are more than ready and enthusiastic to accompany them towards ambitious new stages, even if this means taking unexpected paths… or revising the route to stay on course.


40 + years of cumulative experience in 3 areas of activity: business development, digital marketing, and human resources, HR coaching included. 4 professional ecosystems have been assimilated by our team: consumer goods (FMCG), information technologies (ICT), health and public administration.

Positive energy

What is work without enthusiasm? We look forward to helping solve our customer’s problems, however complex they may be. We smile as a sign of respect and openness to our interlocutors.


It seems to us that the notion of commitment has lost its feathers with the rise of new technologies, it is nonetheless a promise that we want to keep. What we aim for is the fulfillment expected by the client, beyond the promises.


What is true speaks to us. To see beyond appearances and draw the right conclusions, we rely on facts and the best interpretation of the attitudes presented to us. Pretending has limits that authenticity does not know.

The co-founders: we present you with Caroline De Allegri and Marco Brienza

Caroline De Allegri, experte en RH
Human resources

Caroline De Allegri

Co-founder & HR transformer

An occupational psychologist with over 20 + years of experience in human resources, Caroline has focused her continuing education on understanding people, more particularly in their interactions with their work environment, both understood as living and interconnected systems.

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Focus areas

Business development

Marco Brienza

Co-founder & business agitator

Passionate about the business world from every angle, Marco translates his 20 +years of marketing and sales experience within multinationals active in media and consumer goods into market development strategy – or business development – provided to clients from Odienz.

Marco Brienza, expert en business development & marketing digital
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Focus areas

Consumer good
Information technology


Since 2015, the LaData association has brought together data enthusiasts to answer the question ‘What to do with big data?’ A founding member of the association, Odienz collaborates with LaData in the context of online studies carried out in Switzerland, as well as for the organization and dissemination of events in French-speaking Switzerland.

Since 2020, this non-profit association has brought together podcasters passionate about sound. From vocal podcasts to electronic music live-acts, the team has set itself the goal of bringing true audio experiences to the world for free. In collaboration with Odienz, ‘business’ podcasts are produced and broadcasted.