Content marketing, a preamble to digital marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and delivering valuable content. Useful and informative, it aims to develop its visibility with both prospects/customers and search engines. Content marketing is also an essential component of any automation project.

To sum up, our 3-step content marketing methodology:


Identify the target audience through brand positioning and its Personas.


Produce digital content in line with the audience, in several formats.


Disseminate content according to a publication schedule.

At Odienz, we have the particularity of ensuring the production of several types of content, as well as their distribution on referenced digital platforms, in collaboration with our partners. Concrete examples of content marketing are available at the end of the page.

Series of articles

Generally speaking, blog posts are among the most popular content. In other words, they are the basics of content marketing. Starting with 3 articles, a series allows us to build a rapport with your audience. A preparatory session with the client – sometimes of the brainstorming type – enables the Odienz team to identify the target audience as well as the best stories to tell them.


According to Statista, 24% of Swiss residents listened to podcasts every week in… 2020 (!) Thanks to its partnership with the Odiolab association, Odienz produces and distributes for its customers:

  • a dedicated podcast to bring a brand closer to its community
  • a podcast episode highlighting a key moment (e.g. innovation, event)

Online surveys

A popular source of data collection for Internet users, the survey is administered by various media including email, website integration and even social media. Rich in market insights, it also serves as a means for writing other content accessible upon registration (i.e. white paper).

White papers & case studies

These publications are positioned as practical guides for their target readers. They respond to a specific business issue, while recognizing the company as an expert in its field. Internet users find the information they need by registering. Blessed bread for your business development!


A series of webinars offers several appointments to its audience. Firstly, a meeting with the customer is held to define the topics, the teams hosting each webinar, and the schedule to be followed during the live event. Then, each online event is promoted by several waves of digital communications, over 3 to 4 weeks. Finally, Odienz plays the role of presenter or moderator on D-Day, through its partnership with the LaData association.

Who is this service for?

In short, content marketing not only makes it possible to showcase your expertise by reaching a more qualified audience, but also your SEO by costing less than traditional advertising. In this respect, it is an excellent introduction to any small and medium sized professional organization wishing to progress in digital marketing.

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