From human resources to HRM: how to recruit talent

Recruiting talent is a key human resources process. It impacts efficiency, the image of the company and its working climate. The smaller the size of your organization, the more crucial the issue. It is also necessary to question the relevance of recruitment, this being no longer the only possible action to meet a need for skills.

Odienz accompanies you from writing the ad to signing the contract, through the choice of channels (social networks such as LinkedIn in particular), sorting of files, according to your needs and availability. 

To recruit new talent, specific techniques are necessary for this type of interview, in order to allow comparisons between candidates and not be based solely on feelings. The candidate must be able to make an informed choice about his new work environment.

We can intervene only on one step, such as:

Who is this service for?

SME with fewer than
100 employees

The size of your organization is less than 100 employees and does not allow you to benefit from the skills of an HR specialist, but you want to recruit new talents with seriousness and results, without going through a recruitment firm.

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