PME, scale-up:
from digital marketing to business development

Do you know the difference between sales and business development?

Business development is the creation of long-term value from customers, entire markets or relationships with other stakeholders; while selling is the action of delivering a good or service for money.

Targeting your audience means expanding the circle of those who hear to those who listen. Odienz’s mission is to support this transformation. Our business development serves your sales through tools borrowed from marketing (brand positioning, content marketing, marketing automation). In addition, intelligent partnerships allow us to sell not only more, but better.

At Odienz, business development is applied online, but also in the field. Once the business strategy is defined with the management of the client company, it is executed in the field:

Organizing a business conference

Gathering professionals around a theme that interests them requires skills: managing an event of course, by mastering the aspects of curation (speakers), content, financing by sponsorship and attracting participants. Several conferences have been successfully organized between Geneva, Lausanne and Bern: Datatrends, Medicalytics, Swiss AI Day, Our data facing uncertainty.

Sales funnel and client follow-up

The sales funnel provides a synthetic view of current prospecting leads. Prioritization, contact person, current stage and next steps are regularly updated. At each face-to-face or virtual meeting, a full report is written by Odienz.

Commercial action plan

The commercial action plan (CAP) is a document that formalizes all commercial and marketing actions that a company will undertake over a given period, in order to achieve the commercial objectives it has set. In combination with digital marketing actions, the PAC can be formalized, communicated internally and monitored by Odienz.

Who is this service for?

From start-ups to SME’s, sales funnel and meeting follow-up services are useful for any entrepreneur investing in the fields of retail, FMCG or even in information technology. The PAC is intended for organizations of 20 or more people.

For more information:

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