From human resources to HRM: reframing an employee

Who can say that they like to break bad news? Reframing an employee is the kind of HR interview often perceived as difficult. Indeed, truth and courage must be present. Kindness as well.

If it remains delicate, it is a necessary act of management, being an integral part of the responsibilities of a manager. If it is badly carried out, the consequences can be problematic and lead to an aggravated situation. Reframing an employee represents an opportunity to “set the record straight” and to have a beneficial collateral effect on the rest of the team; it is also the possibility for the colleague concerned to reposition themselves with regard to their commitment.

Odienz supports you in preparing for this moment by identifying gaps, emotional management, reflection on improvement objectives or even the formalization of documents (i.e. written warning or simple reminder of the framework) taking care to distinguish the error – which is part of the learning process – from fault.

Who is this service for?

SME with fewer than
100 employees

The size of your organization is less than 100 employees and does not allow you to benefit from the skills of a human resources specialist, but you want to carry out your reframing interviews with tact and results.

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