From human resources to HRM: managing the onboarding

The contract is signed? This is where it all begins, with the employee’s onboarding.

Onboarding is an HR process that requires specific preparation and attention. It must imperatively be considered before onboarding: an important step that is often overlooked.

Odienz accompanies you with onboarding and integration until the end of the trial period, for communication preparations around a new arrival and the identification of the key days: first task in the integration plan, as well as the objectives to be achieved during the trial period.

As human resources and marketing professionals, we also think about employer brand and the values that characterize your operation, of which each new employee can become an ambassador.

Who is this service for?

Scale-up or SME: the size and/or structure of your organization – e.g. a company with decentralized activities with an office located in French-speaking Switzerland – does not allow you to benefit from the skills of a human resources specialist, but you want to carry out these HR activities wit seriousness and results.