Marketing & digital:
how to position your brand

Busy as it is with daily activities – the What – an organization rarely has the opportunity to question the Why of its actions. The clarity of its mission, however, facilitates the digital marketing activities to be carried out, particularly in content marketing.

Phillip Kotler, author and professor of marketing, defined brand positioning as “the act of crafting the company’s offering and image so that it occupies a distinct place in the mind of the target market”

3 questions of strategic nature can then be addressed:


What is your purpose? The purpose of your business is the why of its existence, beyond money. It is the fundamental motivation that makes it exist. It is not (yet) about the product or service you are marketing, because your offer will evolve over time but not your purpose.


What are the profiles of your key customers? Key customers (who) are distinguished from others by the long-term value they bring to the company. Their profiles can be synthesized as Personas.


What is your unique value proposition (or USP for Unique Selling Proposition)? It is a phrase that describes the promise of differentiated value (What) that a brand makes to its customers. This is THE main reason why they should buy its products or services.

The WWW workshop created by Odienz allows your team to respond in 3 stages, in a conceded decentralized way:

Online Survey

The purpose of this step is to collect useful data for:

Co-building Workshop

The 1st workshop allows to:

Lasting about 2 hours, the animation of this workshop is planned on site.

Validation Workshop

The objective here is the presentations of the elements co-constructed with the participants during the 1st workshop to have a final round of feedback before the delivery of the finalized deliverables:

Optional: a restitution session to present the concepts co-constructed internally

Who is this post addressed to?

Marketing team
within an SME
of a start-up
Managers of
a new business unit

For more:

Template for Personas ready to use(.pptx)
WWW Workshop Online Survey Preview (.pdf)