From human resources management to HR coaching

Retain, promote and awaken your contributors. Involve them and give them a place as an actor: several means are available, amongst them HR coaching. We organize workshops on various themes, in particular for team leaders and executives in career transition.

With the original method of the Tree of Life, we explore the resources, wealth and skills of the employee by revisiting his professional and personal journey. Through sessions (3 to 5), the employee is supported by an HR expert in a delicate managerial stage: during his annual assessment, a refocusing interview or an agreed dismissal. Through his HR coaching he projects himself little by little in an renewed professional vision corresponding to him, with his current or future employer.

The benefits for the company

Benefits for the employee

Who is this service for?

SME with fewer than
100 employees

The size of your structure is less than 100 employees and does not allow you to benefit from the skills of a human resources specialist, but you want to carry out these sensitive interviews with discretion and results. Larger structures with an HR department will be able to benefit from an external perspective and a delegation of competence in the event of work overload.

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