From human resources to HRM: the annual evaluation interview

Formerly dreaded as much by the manager as by the employee, the annual evaluation interview today goes far beyond the simple formality: it contributes to increasing the understanding of the progress of the business, to enriching the medium/long term vision of the company, and to develop the employee in a common professional framework.

Odienz supports you in the preparation of this interview by giving you a clear structure (interview framework), HR communication keys (feedback techniques, reminders, etc.) or even with a physical presence allowing you to play the role of a third party (observer, framework guarantor). It is also possible to organize coachings with the employee to prepare for this particular moment, so that he can be fully involved in his development.

Who is this service for?

SME with fewer than
100 employees

The size of your organization is less than 100 employees and does not allow you to benefit from the skills of a human resources specialist, but you wish to carry out several annual evaluation interviews (>2) with seriousness and results.

For more information:

Specification model incorporating the assessment criteria useful for the evaluation